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KaRen - STuDyiNg iN pEnAng. LiKes CHOCOLATE. HaS a ShiH tZu naMe TwiNkIe.
JuNe - StUdYinG in UTAR, Sg LoNg. A sHoE frEak, LurVs KUMA-KUMA thE tOrtoiSe, wiSh tO be RiCh somEDaY.
PhoEbe - StuDyinG iN MMU, MaLaCCa. LurVs WaTcHes, AnnA sUi, hAs 5 HammIes.


FriEnDsHIp WiLL maKe Us HolD on TigHt to EaCh OthEr. KAreN luRvs JuNe, JunE luRvs BebE, BeBe LurVs JuNe, JunE luRvS KaRen, kAreN lUrvs BeBe, bEbE lUrvS KarEn~



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--sixty nine bistro-- Wednesday, August 29, 2007 |

want to know about your future?

Sixty Nine Bistro is the best place for you..with the most professional tarot cards master to help u to know about your future....

i heard from my friend...what the person say is really what had happened on her

believe it or not..it is up to you guys...

the interior design of the bistro is nice and also we saw some local singers-john wong hun yuen and daniel lee ji han at there..

food and beverages are not as expensive as i expected, environment not bad...

you have to call to make arrangement with the master, if you really want to know about your future~
simson: i'm waiting for you~!


rat rat rat~ Thursday, August 23, 2007 |

i know it's not good to blog in office...but who gives a damn bout it??? arrgghhhh~~ the boss is not around...so...u know i know law...wahahaaha...*wicked laugh*
last night went for the rat movie..as usual,i'm late for it again..the 3rd or 4th time that i m late for movies...grrrrr~~

okok...i'm sorry k...i like the short video clip made by pixels before the showing of rat movie.. the fat and flubber look alike alien is so cute...wahaha...the other fella..i think it's tortoise..hmm...abit retarded but yet..so cute!!

continue this post later..hehe...


--bitter sweet weekends-- Sunday, August 19, 2007 |

i went to GreenBox twice in a week, as if i am going to join a competition or something...but this is the ONLY thing i can do in Sungai Long, and also the nearest place from Sungai Long....just imagine..how pathetic my life could be in a "WONDERFUL" place like Sungai Long...

the most interesting that i can do and eat is on weekends..where Mr.Lipas can get me away from HELL....and this weekend i watched Ratatouille..yupz... the rat movie...i found the movie quite funny and nice....and loads of kids inside the cinema -.-...seems like not much teenagers and adults like cartoons ehh...*then what's wrong with me????T.T

see..how cute the rat is....so..do you alll still hate ratss???it even help u cook ur breakfast woh...
"thank u for watching"

also, this is the first time , we used credit card to purchase the movei tickets....Easy and conveniet...100% guarantee....when we walk our way to the machine....lipas and i..inside our hearts teasing those people ....."NOOBSSSSS"...muahaha....sounds evil

then after the movie, we had our dinner at Planet Hollywood...after movie it was 7 something...well...traffic jams everywhere...no surprises this is KL what..and what KL is famous for also...

then Lipas took another road to Planet Hollywood and i asked him " this road very convenient ma..and no tracffic jam at all..why those people dont want to take this road to wherever they want to go???"...Lipas answered :" because they are noobs" =.=...then, we done something that if anyone knew about it, sure they will "peisi" us..

WE POINTED OUR FINGERS TO THE CARS OUTSIDE AND CALLED THEM NOOBSSS... as if we are still age 4 or 5 =.=..........we kept repeating the "noob" word until the traffic light turns to green...dengz

Planet Hollywood, my first time....and of cuz...if there is no 50% off for Citibank Credit Card holders, i think i will never dine in there until i graduated and work for 2 months, just to have dinner in there...kua cheong-nya!!!

everywhere is full of those clothes which had been wore by some famous poeple~

we ordered mushroom soup, Cajun Fish, BBQ chicken, a lemon tea and a coke...the soup, i just love it..loads of mushroom in it..yummy...

the fish is nice and the salad is good....but the fish is too spicy for me cuz i am not the kind of person that is very good at eating spicy food....

the BBQ chicken...OMG>>>when u saw it. u already felt that u are full ald..it's half a chicken...we cant finish it..becuz it was just too much for us...


ehh...lelaki..apa lu sedang buat di sana????
he said that his hands fitted nicely......"hidden meaning, dont bother about him"

we had a wonderful dinner, then nightmare appear..


we searched everywhere for it, and the stupid ticket just wont appear in front of us...i was praying for miracles..but seems like..miracles is only happen for those who are kind hearted la. remember?? we called the drivers noobs!!!!and those people who are queueing for tickets!!!...sobs...

so we have to pay rm35 for the stupid ticket..i hope that the ticket was never to be found by us....if not.. i cannot imagine how my reaction would be if i see the ticket>>>>


FaShiOn FaShiOn = ) Wednesday, August 15, 2007 |

below is the clothes dat i design..kakakaka!! unbelieveble? oklar,oklar..actuali is my senior's design,n' i am the one being their photo shooting model..lol

i like dis dress very much..flower hooooo~

dis pose..umm..like 70's ppl punya pose =.=

so cham..no shoe to wear T.T

feather :D

another flower flower~~

actuali still got few photos..but i pai seh to upload coz not pretty.lol eh..i mean my face not pretty , not the dress =p thx for my senior..kakaka!! u guy's designs roxx!! =)


i'm bored Tuesday, August 14, 2007 |

yes...i'm bored~~~


liars liars Saturday, August 11, 2007 |

i don't like people who lie to me..why cant tell the truth?? even if it's just a small matter...why do you have to lie bout it?? very disappointed when i found out the truth and you wanna deny it...sigh...


HaPpiE bUrFdAyx My DeaR bEbE~!! Friday, August 10, 2007 |

bEbE dArLs~ hApPiE buRfDay 2 yEu Ler..kakaka! sry for the late upload ayeee,dis few days i was veri busy preparing stuff for my college's fashion show x( now we all big gurl adi ler..can marry without parent's permit,illegal to hang out in casino n' clubz.ngek ngek ! yay! 21 roxxxxx~! we r muture women now,young n' sexy!! do i sounds lyk a designer? hohohohoh.. aniway,i hope dear u hv a great time for ur burfday..n' hope u lyk the pressie dat me n' june brought for yeu =) here is another cute little burfday song for u-

HaPpIe buRfdAy tO yEu

Yeu wErE bOrn In ThE Zoo
ThErEs ElePhAnTs n' Yi JuNe
AnD a MoNkEy Lyk Yeu!!

muahahahahha!! hOpE u LovEs ThE sOng DeaR.. MwaaAaaaHs!! bIg kiSs fOr ya BurFdAy..hehe


BrEaK ThE SiLencE